Once an employee is retired and receiving benefits, there are several forms that are available here in case updates are needed for withholding, changes to addresses or direct deposit accounts, etc. Whitney BeanWhitney Bean, Pension Assistant, wbean@cokpension.org, 865-215-1441 is responsible for updating information in the database for the System’s retirees/beneficiaries.

W-4P – this form is an Internal Revenue Service form that provides the information to the System about the retiree’s Federal withholding needs.

Retiree Insurance – this form is used to inform the System about health insurance deductions from monthly benefits.

Change of Address Form – this form is available in the forms sections should the retiree/beneficiary move or need to change a mailing address in order to receive information from the System.

Direct Deposit Form – this form is available in the forms section should the retiree/beneficiary need to sign up or redirect the banking or credit union account that the monthly benefit is deposited into each month. We encourage direct deposit for prompt availability of the funds into the account by the 28th of each month. A schedule of the direct deposit dates is also available for both Plan F recipients (bi-weekly schedule) and all of other plans (monthly schedule).

Survivor Application – this form is used when the retiree passes away and there is a beneficiary benefit due to the named beneficiary(ies).

Affidavit Form – if the retiree/beneficiary is receiving monthly checks and the check is lost, this form is required to request that a check be reissued.

Delayed Retirement Option Participants – Once an employee is within one month of his/her DROP termination date, the retiree needs to provide Nancy Curnutt with a W-4P, Retiree Insurance (if applicable), Direct Deposit Form, and direction as to what is to be done with the accumulated retirement funds during the DROP period. The retiree can make an appointment with Nancy on the Calendar tab or by contacting NancyNancy Curnutt, Pension Benefit Administrator, ncurnutt@cokpension.org, 865-215-1442 directly.