penTo more effectively discharge its investment responsibilities, the Pension Board has established and appointed an investment committee (“Investment Committee”) for the purpose of providing assistance and advice to the Pension Board on investment matters related to the Fund’s assets.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all interested parties and the general public that the City of Knoxville Pension Board’s Investment Committee will hold its regular meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. at the City of Knoxville Pension Board’s office located at 917B East Fifth Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The Investment Committee shall meet at such times in open, public and regular session for the purpose of considering the committee’s regular monthly business and all other business that may come before the committee.

Ms. Kristi Paczkowski - Chairperson
Non-voting ex-officio member
Ms. Susan Gennoe - City Finance Director
Charter Appointed – No Expiration
Ms. Kathy Aslinger, Esq - Legal Counsel
Ms. Lynne Fugate
Mr. Stephen King
Mr. Dennis Owen
Ms. Twuanna Munroe Ward

This Meeting Notice is given pursuant to Title 8, Chapter 44, Sections 101 et. seq., Tennessee Code Annotated and in accordance with other applicable requirements of law.

January *Tuesday, January 5, 20213:00 P.M. ESTJuly Tuesday, July 6, 20213:00 P.M. EST
February *Tuesday, February 2, 20213:00 P.M. EST
August Tuesday, August 3, 20213:00 P.M. EST
March *Tuesday, March 2, 20213:00 P.M. ESTSeptember Tuesday, September 7, 20213:00 P.M. EST
April *Tuesday, April 6, 20213:00 P.M. ESTOctober Tuesday, October 5, 20213:00 P.M. EST
May Tuesday, May 4, 20213:00 P.M. ESTNovember Tuesday, November 2, 20213:00 P.M. EST
June Tuesday, June 1, 20213:00 P.M. ESTDecember Tuesday, December 7, 20213:00 P.M. EST
Governor Lee issued an emergency order to allow municipal boards and committees to meet via video conferencing platforms. The meetings above indicated with an asterisk (*) were conducted via Zoom meetings. The emergency order expired on April 28, 2021.